International Travel Insurance – How Much Coverage Do You Need?

You have been planning your holiday for a while, deliberating over the details; which location, what type of accommodation and the activities you can try out and the sights you can see, but what about your travel insurance? That is something many of us leave to the last minute, doing a quick search online for the cheapest offer available, but is this really the way to be choosing international travel insurance? None of us like to think our holiday will end in disaster, or even suffer some delays or missing luggage and who wants to think about the `what if`s` when you are dreaming of sunshine, beaches and getting away from it all.

Unfortunately travel insurance is as important as ever and what with the potential for natural disasters, accidents and illness, the prevalence of nonrefundable tickets and travel operators and airlines that might suddenly go out of business in this economic climate, it is an aspect of your holiday planning to take seriously. There are many different types of International travel insurance available, and you will need to make sure you purchase one that covers all requirements for your destination and type of holiday you are going on. A trip to a politically unstable country, for example, will incur a higher premium, as will a holiday that involves high risk sports. It is essential that you know what the policy does and does not cover, before you purchase anything and always use a reputable insurance provider.

Basic travel insurance should cover cancellation and curtailments, delay, baggage, personal liability, emergency assistance and medical cover. Cancellation or curtailment cover should ideally be for a minimum of £3,000, or the total cost of your holiday. Your insurance should provide compensation if you experience a delay of longer than 12 hours. Losing your baggage can quickly become a nightmare as you try replacing essential items. Cover should be for up to £1,500, but be aware than most insurers will put a limit on the amount they will pay out for individual valuable items like cameras and laptops.

If you are involved in an accident that is your fault, for example you injure someone or their property, they could make a claim against you so you should ideally be covered for a minimum of £1 million. You should also have at least £2 million of medical cover in case you are in an accident or become ill. It should also include repatriation in case you need to be flown home. A twenty-four hour emergency helpline is also a good service to have as you may need help at any time and you may be in a different time zone. These are minimum guidelines and many policies will provide more. Just be realistic about the amount of cover you might need.  There is no point paying more than you have to.

Make sure you declare any pre-existing medical conditions, as your insurance policy will not pay out on these. If you are pregnant, insurance companies will only insure up until 24 weeks. You will have to purchase extra cover if you want to take part in what insurance companies consider risky winter sports, or other adventure activities such as sky diving.

Should you fall in love with your holiday destination, you might even consider a permanent move there in which case you will need to seek out immigration advice. If you travel as a family or more than once a year, you may also get a better deal with family insurance and multi trip insurance.

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Finding the Right Accommodation


When you`re planning a trip abroad it can seem as though arranging the flight is the easiest part. With a wide selection of departure airports throughout the country and a selection of scheduled and charter flights there are few major differences once you are safely installed in your aircraft seat ready to set out for your destination. If only it were so simple when it comes to finding the right accommodation at your resort!

There are a number of factors that will influence the type of accommodation you select. Families with young children will benefit from choosing a resort hotel with on-site activities for the little ones, leaving the adults free to soak up the sun by the pool whilst enjoying a little well-deserved rest. Young groups of friends are most likely to be on the hunt for a hotel offering plenty of nightlife and nearby clubs, whereas older travellers may well prefer something quieter away from the beat boxes and loud music.

Travellers on a budget should consider camping holidays. With many sites at home and abroad offering fully-equipped tents with everything you need already provided, all you need is your suitcase. Those on a really tight budget will find it cheaper to take their own tent and simply pay for the pitch. At the other end of the scale `glamping` or `glamorous camping` offers the opportunity to stay in a safari-style tent or Mongolian yurt, for example, with every little essential provided for.

Self-catering apartments are always a popular choice, allowing couples, friends or families to arrange their own meals according to their allotted budget. This is an excellent choice for many people, offering a great deal of freedom but it does require attention to budgetary detail and someone (probably Mum!) will have to prepare food and wash up afterwards. For this reason perhaps, an increasingly popular choice is the all-inclusive holiday. With this package everything is included which is a fantastic choice for those wanting to pay for everything up front. All meals are provided and usually drinks too, allowing you to keep your spending money exclusively for souvenirs and shopping. The downside to this arrangement is that you will see very little of the world outside your resort as you are tied into having all your meals on site.

Perhaps the most fabulous option of all is to rent your own private villa. Most come with their own pool so you can relax in the sunshine and take a private dip without the crowds. Hire a car and you have all the comforts of a proper home in another country with the freedom to come and go as you wish. A good site such as will allow you to see photographs and facilities for a range of properties that have all been thoroughly checked to ensure that you get the holiday that you deserve.

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Pensioners face steep rises in travel insurance

The reason for the price rise is soaring “medical inflation” in parts of Europe and the US. According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the average bill for medical treatment in the US is almost £5,000. As well as hospitals charging more, the cost has been pushed up by unfavourable currency exchange rates and the rising price of aviation fuel, mean that the cost of flying someone who has fallen ill back home have risen sharply.

There has also been an increase in the number of claims by elderly people, which has further inflated premiums.

Some elderly travellers have complained that they are unable to get travel insurance at all.

Bob Champion, the 63-year-old jockey who beat cancer to win the 1981 Grand National on Aldaniti, said that he was recently shocked when he was refused travel insurance by 10 companies on the basis that he has a small pre-existing heart condition.

Mr Champion, who makes money giving lectures on cruise ships, said: “I am fitter than I have ever been but they told me I am too much of a risk.”

The jockey, who was eventually given cover by insurer AllClear, said: “It wasn’t that I was offered cover at an over-inflated premium. I simply couldn’t get an insurer willing to give me a quote at all.”

Michelle Mitchell, charity director general at Age UK, said: “It is shocking that people can be discriminated against just because of their age. A date on a birth certificate should not mean that you have to forgo holidays abroad.”

A spokesman for Saga said that although insurance costs for people with pre-existing medical conditions has risen, they have fallen for people with no such conditions.

Some insurance companies have also in recent weeks lowered the age threshold at which they are prepared to give medical cover to pensioners.

At the end of January American Express reduced the age limit at which it is willing to provide its Platinum Card holders with medical cover from 80 to 70.

Greg Lawson, head of retail at Columbus Direct, said that the increased cost of claims from travellers means that many insurance companies have “suffered financially”. He said that the rising costs of medical care in the US and parts of Europe has meant that premiums have had to also rise accordingly.

“Insurers need to increase premiums, particularly in respect of older customers traveling worldwide where the risk is highest of having a high-cost medical incident,” said Mr Lawson.

However he said that when Columbus is unable to provide travel insurance to a person, it will recommend another company that is able to.

A spokesman for American Express said that as of January 25 it reduced from 80 to 70 the age at which its Platinum Card holders can get “medical assistance and expenses” cover on their travel insurance.

“The changes are being made due to the rising cost of medical treatment and to ensure that we continue to offer an overall comprehensive insurance product while not passing on any additional costs to our cardholders,” the spokesman said.

Ms Mitchell said that last month the Government announced a delay in the implementation of rules under the Equality Act that would have outlawed unjustified discrimination in goods and services.

“It is vital that the Government acts to stop insurance companies from excluding this growing sector of the population. In the meantime, customers should shop around the best offers that suit their individual needs,” she said.

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Things to know about International travel insurance

Things to know about International travel insuranceInternational travel can be a great thing for a person to experience in his life. Since, traveling can be a great way for a person to see places they have never been to, and to know more about the world. However, when you are planning to go have an international travel you are going to need to have insurance in order to make sure that if you are going to travel, you will be ensured of what you own.

Basically there are a lot of possible risks that you can have when you are going to have an international travel. Some of these risks include medical emergencies that require hospitalization, loss of important documents and luggage and the worst possible risk that a person might have when traveling is being hijacked on the flight. That is why it is very important that we should have international travel insurance.

There are some things that are to know about travel insurance. One of those things is the coverage of the insurance. Typically, there are different kinds of insurance that you can obtain. Here, are some of those insurances:

  • Medical Coverage – This is a kind of international travel insurance that will cover all of the emergency medical expenses when you are already traveling abroad. Most of the people that take on this kind of insurance policy are the elderly, sickly people, and pregnant women. It will help cover all sorts of medical illness and procedures that happened during the insured period.
  • Interruption Coverage – This is another type of international travel insurance that coverage compensation for all of the expenses if the trip will become either interrupted or cancelled due to various reasons. According to most of the insurance companies that offer this kind of insurance policy, some of the mostly accepted reasons for cancellation or delay in trip may include illness, traffic accident, terrorist attack, weather conditions, etc.
  • Lost Baggage: This kind of international insurance policy covers for the baggage that has been lost after you have checked it in. This kind of insurance can be upgraded to get coverage for compensation in case of excessive delay in getting luggage that you own.

Because of the different types of international travel insurance that is available in the market, there is a need for you to know which kind of insurance policy that suits your preferences and that you can afford it. Normally, there are different prices of the international travel insurance may vary on the country that you’re planning to go. This is because of the latest technology which is seen in most 1st world countries. It is best that you should choose the right international travel insurance policy. Those are the things that you must know when choosing the right international travel insurance for you. Remember that, by having this kind of insurance policy with you, you will be insured that you won’t have any problems when it comes to paying accidents, in case there will be an emergency situation while you are going to have an international travel.

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Tip For Cheap European Travel

Tip For Cheap European TravelHere are some easy tips for cheap European travel:

  • You might be traveling from any part of the world to Europe; you need to ensure that you plan well in advance, so that you can book your seats. If you plan to visit Europe during the holiday season, it might happen that you do not get your tickets confirmed on time – so, it is best to book your tickets in advance.
  • Ireland is one of those places which you must visit when you are traveling to Europe. Ireland tourist attractions are several and will keep you occupied for a week at least. You can visit entertainment parks, shopping malls, museums, theaters and other places of interest which you feel like. You can check out Ireland tourist guide or get in touch with online travel portals or magazines for a ready guide to Ireland tourist attractions.
  • Do not miss out European train travel during your stay in Europe. It is believed that if you wish to enjoy the landscapes and scenic beauty of Europe, nothing can be better than European rail travel. Trains connect different parts of cities, helping you to reach different parts of Ireland in no time. Some of the best scenic country sides can be enjoyed only when you travel by train. However, you need to ensure that you book your tickets well in advance, so that you can get your tickets confirmed on time.
  • In case you do not have so much time for rail travel, you can book cheap flights to Shannon. Shannon is one of the most well-connected places of Europe and you can book your flight to any part of the world. You can get in touch with your travel agent or tour operators and get to know about cheap flights Shannon.
  • Cheap flights to Shannon will not only help to save your time but also offer you comfort and convenience. Travel to as many places you want and as many times you wish to. There are many flights from Shannon also – so in case you desire to return home in a hurry, you can book flights as per your convenience.

If you are traveling to Europe for the first time, you can take help of a tour operator or a travel agency, so that any kind of hassle is easily avoided. Your bookings can be done as per the number of people who are traveling and your budget too. You just need to mention about your schedule, your travel plans and the other things you are looking forward do, as a part of your trip and everything shall be organized in no time. So, enjoy the various Ireland tourist attractions and enjoy your vacations.

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What is Travel Insurance For?

What is Travel Insurance For?Travel insurance exists to handle problems that arise when traveling like medical or financial concerns for example. Varying traveling natures can all be secure under this kind of insurance policy. It is very rare for insurance policies to be attained separately from when people book their trips as it is much easier and efficient to manage the two things together.

Travel insurance coverage can be obtained from travel agencies but these will only be inclusive of limited and short term coverage. This is why it is advisable for a person traveling to acquire an insurance plan from the main insurance companies in his or her area and not from the travel providers. The logic is simple, a better coverage plan with more inclusions than exclusions can only be attained from an actual insurance firm.

Coverage for travel insurance policies are designed to manage a number of different risks that can be expected from traveling. Travel insurance can protect the interests of all passengers alike when travel providers fail to deliver quality service. A second reason why insurance like this is beneficial is when medically related concerns are in order and certain costs need to be settled.

Travel insurance plans can be extensive enough to include assistance for injuries and even death benefits when necessary. War and conflict are highly inevitable yet rare occurrences but most passengers do not wish to take chances and secure a policy which includes these in its provisions. War and terrorism are valid reasons to delay or completely cancel a trip so travelers should have the necessary protection for their money when their trips are interrupted by such events.

Delayed baggage or even personal belongings that are susceptible to losses and theft are covered by travel insurance policies. There are a number of reputable travel providers whose services include top notch performance when it comes to travelers’ belongings. Being equipped with an insurance policy gives a traveler added security for when the occasion of lost luggage arises.

As compared with other plans, travel insurance exists to allow all travelers alike to have a form of security when they plan a trip. Travel providers will not be able to deceive a traveler with regard to what id due to him or her when a problem occurs if a traveler is protected by travel insurance. There are varying provisions for each particular insurance policy and one of the main differences belong to the agreement where providers and travelers settle on whether or not additional costs incurred will be considered by the selected policy or not.

A traveler also has an option to purchase separate policies for particular reasons in line with an existing travel insurance policy. People who regularly face health problems are advised to take additional coverage for their existing medical condition. A person who may plan on encountering dangerous activities on his or her trip may be required to take some added insurance.

A traveler meaning to travel to terrorist laden countries will need to go about availing a certain amount of extended coverage for his or her trip. No matter how extensive a travel insurance policy may be, travelers cannot be a hundred percent sure with regard to safety when they choose to travel to areas under conflict. Policies can have separate options for inclusions into the existing insurance coverage but these too can involve a series of exclusions.

Health concerns which are rather severe as well as problems brought about by alcohol and drug use are oftentimes excluded from the full coverage a client is entitled to. War and terrorism clauses can be excluded in most policies to protect both the company and the traveler with the latter being influenced not to plan a trip to such hazardous nations. Travel insurance is an agreement or a contract which can offer a traveler with an adequate amount of assistance that can be beneficial when traveling so it would be smart to compare a list of policies beforehand.

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How to Travel Safe

How to Travel SafeYet the benefits going solo are immeasurable. There are, however, those indecorous individuals always lurking at tourist spots to try to take advantage of your liberated feelings, so it pays to take a few measures when you travel so that you and fellow mates can stay safe.

Here are a few safety tips to help you enjoy your vacation traveling safe:

Always keep all doors and windows safely locked to your hotel room.

Do not swank your wealth, keep large quantities hidden and only keep a few bills in your wallet to ensure safety.

Do not carry your best belongings. Leave your prodigal stuff at home or locked in a hotel safe.

Be Aware – This doesn’t mean being paranoid. It only means when you are walking from your hotel into town, register landmarks and remember street names. Notice your milieu, but don’t forget to notice the people around you too. If you keep seeing the same guy turning up at the market or near your hotel, take note. If a guy gets it in his head that he wants to follow or harass you, ignore him or be firm and ask him politely to leave you alone. Always be ahead of the game.

Hire a reputable guide to show you around.

Try to keep liquor consumption under control. Nothing spells “target” more than a falling down drunk.

Take Calculated Risks – Traveling is about risk, after all. Jumping on a bus to an unknown destination, talking to strangers in a bar, getting off the map. As a traveler, you can minimize problems by basic planning. Try to avoid arriving in places at night, have enough money with you to check into a hotel without going to an ATM when you arrive somewhere new, and don’t go off with your new friends if you have no idea how to get home.

Remember your dad warned you about walking down dark alleys?

So, do not walk around at night in dark areas such as unlit gardens or beaches, unless with a large group.

Country Law officers do not want tourists to ever be harassed or mistreated so don’t hesitate to contact them if you feel you are being watched, stalked or singled out. They are there for your safety

Make friends with travelers as this is the best assurance of all.

So, the bottom line is Travel Safe, if you still feel confused go through the content once again and try to memorize the above tips & essentials as they will definitely help you in your safe journey.

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Cheap Travel Insurance – A Bargain Or a Rip Off?

Cheap Travel Insurance - A Bargain Or a Rip Off?The wise traveller will look a little deeper than the price to ascertain the levels of cover included. It may well be that cheap travel insurance is sufficient to cover the necessities and planned activities for your trip, but always check to see exactly what you are - and are not - getting for your money. Cheap travel insurance may be adequate for one type of trip, but totally inadequate for another. It is important to:

1. Know what you need

2. Understand what it all means

3. Then shop around

For example, if you were planning a ski trip to Colorado cheap travel insurance alone would not be adequate – especially without the addition of winter sports cover. Check to see if the policy includes ample cover for medical expenses and emergencies, as well as mountain rescue, air ambulance and repatriation. Also check the amount of excess you are required to pay (known as ‘deductible’ in the U.S.) which is your contribution towards any claim. Medical care in the United States could be financially devastating without insurance. For example, air ambulance costs to bring you back to the UK from America could set you back anything up to 50,000 (GBP -Pounds Sterling) and from Australia up to 20,000 (GBP). If you don’t have adequate insurance no one else is going to pay these costs for you - they are your responsibility.  Yes, a frightening thought!

Insurance companies tend not to get a lot of sympathy. However, one fact that many travellers may not be aware of is that although the underwriter has to accept any losses associated with claims, it also reflects negatively on the insurance broker who sells the policy. If a large amount of claims are made, causing the underwriter to make a substantial loss, that loss is usually passed along, either in an increase in fees to the insurance broker to renew the contract or, in extreme cases, refusal to renew the broker’s contract. Perhaps you can understand why many companies are nervous about insuring certain types of travellers and activities.

Cheap travel insurance is offered everywhere these days, by retail chains, banks and credit card companies, to name a few. However, before you give in to a tempting offer, stop to see if it is really a bargain. The media is bombarded with clever advertising for the many insurance comparison websites, and they do provide a valuable service – as long as you remember to check the levels of cover provided. Companies have to pay a commission to the hosting website, so take into account the fact that they have probably cut levels of cover somewhere in order to make it worth their while. Always check the excess/deductible, and levels of cover for medical expenses, personal accident and personal liability.

An amazing amount of travellers still set off on trips thinking they do not need travel insurance. Perhaps they are not bothered if they lose their luggage and would just replace it. But what many do not realise is that they are leaving themselves wide open to financial loss and legal nightmares in the event of an accident and potential third-party claims.

For example, imagine you are abroad and browsing in a gallery. You trip and knock over an expensive sculpture. The sculpture falls and breaks the assistant’s toe, and a chunk of it splinters and hits you in the eye. This scenario presents an expensive can of worms, both medically and legally. This is just one rather extreme example of why it is important not to forgo travel insurance.

The truth is that cheap travel insurance is not necessarily a rip-off, but it varies from company to company. Some smaller companies are able to offer a cheaper price without cutting the levels of cover by keeping their advertising expenses and overheads to a minimum.

It is not always necessary  to pay more for travel insurance to get better cover.  A cheap policy with another company may genuinely offer the same levels of cover for less.   The bottom line is that however much you pay for your travel insurance, it is important to make sure you have adequate levels of cover and a substantial cushion to fall on if the worst should happen!

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